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Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet by means of a PtP Dish on your Roof & an Access Point inside your building to get you connected where a landline or fibre does not reach.

Fibre Internet

We offer Fibre Internet Connectivity at affordable prices anywhere in South Africa, as long as you have OpenServe feasibility.

LTE Internet

If all else fails, get connected with LTE internet almost anywhere in South Africa. This service is based on Telkom's Mobile Network.

Telephony Systems

Staying in touch has never been more affordable. Make calls globally at ridiculously low rates with a VOIP system. It even has an APP. *Requires an Internet Connection

Hosting & Development

We offer professional website development & hosting services to the full extent of your requirements. Don't hesitate, improve your look & feel today.

Digital Security

Surveillance & Digital Security has become a necessity in today's life. We have partnered with the best in the market to offer solutions at affordable pricing.

With Coverage around the greater Madibeng Area, DraadloosWeb has become one of the preferred suppliers of broadband internet to homes & businesses. Our reach goes from Hartbeespoort, to Brits, Mooinooi, Pretoria & even parts of Centurion.

DraadloosWeb is an independent Internet Services Provider

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Operating with the Right Technology is the Key to the Future

We operate a combination of wireless & fibre technologies, striving to provide the most stable connections on the retail broadband market directly to our clients. Cable theft is a serious issue in South Africa, therefore wireless communications is the answer to stability, speed & affordability. Wireless Communications also allows us to provide an internet connection in a very short time frame, in most cases within 24 hours of first contact.

A connected South Africa leads to a connected World

One of the most important aspects in any country, city, town, household or business, is connectivity. With the combination of our skills, the need from the public & technology, communication has never been easier. In addition to providing a stable connection to our clients, we also pride ourselves in having a very high tech backhaul infrastructure on which we spare no expense. We believe in our network & trust it to provide our services to our clients, therefore we have one of the most stable, neat & redundant networks in the area. We have been building on our infrastructure for the past 6 years, making it one of the longest lasting backhaul networks in the region.